The Texas MultiMedia & Film Studios will be the cornerstone for the next major entertainment network in the USA. We will leverage the power of the Internet to create a global presence and establish Texas as the "Internet Entertainment Production Capital of the World".




Mission + Vision

Mr. Gandhi said it best.  In 2000 I fully immersed myself  in hands-on research and development to study the television and film production industry from the inside in order to develop a way to create long-term jobs and a viable entertainment industry in Texas which would be more inclusive of Americans of Latino descent in non-stereotypical roles. And  I have not taken one day off since.  This is my passion and calling in life.  

Along the way I have met so many amazing people with dreams and aspirations to build careers in the entertainment industry.  From models, actors, singers, and production crew, to politicians, television network executives and executives of corporations, this has been an extraordinary roller coaster ride that I would not trade for the world. For those of you who have the passion for this field, I hope I can be an instrument to make your dreams a reality.



To develop a viable industry, we must bring together the passion of smaller groups to create an unstoppable momentum for to put Texas on the map for generations to come..

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our history

Rick Cuéllar

“If you want see something change, you've 

got to be that change agent.”

  - Mahatma Gandhi


1998   Idea treatment developed and registered    

             with writers guild of america.

2001   Alamo Heights SA, dramatic soap opera

             script complete.

2002   Production company established - El

            Mundo Productions - begin pre-production.

2003  Established RAMcasting.com , an on-line

             talent catalog in preparation for production.

2004   Press release for casting call attracts city-

              wide attention. Over 500 show up to audition.

2005 - Production of  two sizzle reels in the can -

              Spanish and English

2006 -  Debuted sizzle reels at industry market

2007 -  Formed investment group and begin pre-production

2008 -  Shot

our board